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A Self-Conscious Construction Of My Own Subjectivity - Dreamwidth Studios

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  • 10/30/10--22:48: I did not go to the Rally.
  • Instead, I rolled out of bed at 8:30. I had breakfast and read my social evolution textbook until lunch, while drinking coffee and keeping half an eye on the #rallytorestoresanity tweets. At 11:30, the comedy central webcast began, and I watched it until 3, at which point I switched to the CSPAN post-analysis on mute and finished my textbook. And while I did all this I was not sitting on the roof of a port-a-potty! (I wasn't packed in like a sardine! I could hear every word!) I was in fact snuggling kitties, and occasionally pestering [personal profile] melannen and [personal profile] sailorptah with text messages.

    I got out of my PJs at 5 PM, took a shower, changed into my old standby Starfleet uniform, and wandered off to my friend's Halloween party, where we watched silly movies and played video games while drinking craft beer and mixed drinks and bitching about school, and generally enjoyed ourselves immensely.

    So, you know, I'm sorry I wasn't there? But on the other hand they so clearly did not need me, and I had a very relaxing day, and tomorrow I will be awake to read more anthropology.

    Anyway, it was awesome. ♥. Go find some clips on youtube or something & watch it right now, and then read [personal profile] melannen's recap.

    spoiler flails )

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    Hello World! I Live, and what is more I HAVE COMMITTED FIC.

    This fic came into being because someone *cough*[personal profile] melannen*cough* gave me something I wanted for Christmas: namely, The Q Fan Collective DVD collection. This set contains just enough TNG/DS9/VOY to make me miss it desperately, and also more than enough Q to make me spend the weekend reading all the Picard/Q fic. (Recs forthcoming, if I get a round to it.)

    But the more I read, the more I realized that although Q and Jean-Luc are certainly well-suited, this not a pairing of equals, nor a pairing that will stand the test of centuries. What I really needed was some Q/Doctor. Or, I soon realized, even better: Q/JACK HARKNESS. (Q loves humans, but they die! How shall we fix this?? O WAIT I KNO.)

    O DEAR INTERNETS: there is no Q/Jack in your vaunted halls. ALAS. ... That is, UNTIL NOW. (Dun dun dun.)

    Therefore: enjoy! Or not, as you wish.

    (I am glad to be writing fic now, because I need need need to be writing my thesis; and writing fic always reminds me that things which are unclear now will inevitably become clear in the writing if the premise is sound. I need to keep this in mind for thesis, especially at the moment, when it seems like I will never pull everything together.)

    NOTE: I'm going to wait a few days before posting this to comms and AO3, so please, if you have any comments/suggestions/feedback that will make it better, don't be afraid to let me know! I'm posting it to my DW now only because I have no patience and demand immediate gratification.

    Title: Q-niversal Constants
    Fandoms: New Who/Torchwood; Star Trek: TNG Era
    Words: ~6500
    Pairing: JACK HARKNESS/Q OF THE CONTINUUM. Because the internets failed me, so I wrote it myself. Background Picard/Q and Doctor/Jack.
    Rating: R. (spoiler) the R-rated bit is Jack/noncorporeal entity, from Q's POV, so YMMV. OH MY BRAIN.
    Warnings: See rating spoiler above. Also, offscreen character death (not Jack or Q), and one on-screen, non-graphic Jack death.
    Beta: Thanks to [personal profile] melannen for reading it through and saying it was good!
    Summary: Q discovers Jack. The results, as you might expect, span the universe in a most epic way.

    Note: I've played fast and loose with the timelines here. Just go with it. It's not that important.
    Also Note: For those unfamiliar with TNG: all Q are called Q. This does not confuse Q in the least. With any luck it will not confuse you either.

    Q-niversal Constants )

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  • 02/04/11--20:18: Babbling about fandom
  • Because oh my god it has been so long since I did that and I need to get it out of my system so that maybe, perhaps, one of these days, I will buckle down and work on my thesis.

    1. People like my fic! YAY! Q-niversal Constants has been on AO3 for a while, btw, if anyone would rather read it there than DW. 34 more hits and it'll be my most-read story besides Yuletide! XD

    2. Bones. Blatant product placement ... is blatant. But overall I am still rather more into this show than I really ought to be. I'm pretty sure Hannah won't last the season, and I'm looking forward to that with equal parts dread and amusement, because I don't see how it can be otherwise than tragic and ridiculous. I actually like her a lot, but it could not be more obvious (imo) that all the B/B shippers on the writing staff are setting her up to fall. XD (I'm fine with B/B but I am also fine with not!B/B, so, whatever.) bring back Zack and Goodman

    3. How can they be making a Pirate movie with Penelope Cruz instead of Elizabeth Swann?? I wouldn't be so annoyed if she didn't look exactly like Kiera. I WANT MY PIRATE KING.

    4. Scandinavia and the World! Seriously how did I not know about this comic before, it is the best thing. Iceland is a sparkly badass. And oh my goodness, NORWAY AND DENMARK. No, seriously, go waste a couple of hours on that. You will also learn things about Nordic history! (Some episodes are NSFW.) (There were some yuletide stories in the fandom this year, which you should also read.)

    5. When did hulu start showing Jon and Stephen again? Is it related to the Comcast/NBC merger? Huh. I'm glad it's back, anyway, hulu is far superior to the Comedy Central flash player.

    6. Sherlock! I watched the entire thing (all three episodes!) while waiting for and subsequently flying on my thrice-delayed post-holiday flight back to Boston. It is every bit worth the hype! SHERLOCKKKKKKKK )

    7. Q OMG Q. Is this the promised list of Q recs? I THINK IT IS, I DO THINK SO. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ )

    Ok, I could swear there was something else, but last night's J&S are calling.

    ... 8. Oh right, Star Wars! I'm still working through Legacy of the Force and I sort of hate the premise and I really hate where it's headed (I'm spoiled) but I can't look away. It's hard to explain, but despite knowing that anything can happen in fic and anyway it is all just a story, these versions of Luke and Han and Leia and everyone who have lived through the whole official Lucasfilm-sanctioned EU are like, REAL, and. They are breaking my heart but I have to know what happens to them. cutting two sentences, just in case )(I will probably have a whole rant and possibly fix-it handwaving after I finish the series, whenever that may be.)

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    [personal profile] queenfanfiction is entirely to blame for this, and I'm not writing any more. :P

    (Incidentally, I'm going on informal LJ/DW hiatus until my thesis starts to look more like a thesis and less like a giant pile of crap and words.)

    Don't Give Him Any Ideas, ~600 words, G

    Don't Give Him Any Ideas )

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  • 03/22/11--15:58: help_japan
  • FYI: I put my Doctor Who cross-stitch up for auction at [ profile] help_japan.

    It's getting NO LOVE. You should go bid! Or bid on something else, while you're there.

    Photo! )

    (Kinda wish I'd put it up at [community profile] help_japan instead, which oddly enough seems to be attracting more bids, but oh well, too late now. If you want it but don't wanna bid on LJ, let me know, and if it's still bidless by the 26th 30th whenever the auction ends (why does every post have a different end date on it, arg) we can work something out.)


    P.S. Mycroft/Lestrade is my new OTP.

    P.P.S. [personal profile] fictionalaspect is dragging me to a Panic! at the Disco concert, OH GOD WHAT IF I GET INTO BANDOM D: D: :D?


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